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 Our Emerald Sustainability Accreditation (ESA) program provides the education, integration, and reporting to enable your organization to effectively reduce your consumption of unsustainable waste, while decreasing your carbon footprint in a measurable way. Our expert analysts can assist you in converting your facilities to a tree-free operation, while streamlining your consumption in a cost-neutral conversion that will satisfy emerging legislation, and positioning your organization in line with 21st century environmental standards.


What you can expect from the ESA:

 Expert Analysis

Our team of sustainability experts can provide a thorough analysis and recommendation for reducing your unsustainable waste

Streamline Conversion

Cost-effectively convert facilities and brands to full-circle sustainability programs that have measurable impacts.


We will keep your sustainability officers in-the-know about emerging legislation, regulations, and relevant news through prior and upcoming sustainability webinars.

On-going Support

Upon acceptance into our ESA program, you will have access to our research and development division, who will continue to keep you on the cutting edge of sustainability innovations.

Onsite Support

Our team is ready to visit your location and provide tangible, cost-effective solutions to your operations. Sustainability practices could not only reduce your environmental impact, but they can also save you money.

Environmental Impact Reporting

As a member of our ESA, we will provide in-depth analysis and reporting on your overall environmental impact. Such reports can be instrumental in abiding by new environmental laws and obtaining federal incentives.

View a Sample EIS Report

This in-depth analysis and reporting on your overall environmental impact, and can be instrumental in achieving a variety of environmental accreditations. 

Environmental Calculator

Members of the Emerald Sustainability Accreditation have access to our powerful Environmental Calculator which can calculate your environmental impact based on product use and volume. 

Emerald Sustainability Accreditation



Emerald Brand has expanded its expert sustainability team to staff members of Emerald Licensed Dealers by launching the Emerald Sustainability Accreditation Program (ESA). The educational division of Emerald Brand has always had a mission to educate the community and its partner businesses in sustainable disposable solutions. This mission has led us to create the ESA. With over 22 years of experience in the sustainable disposables arena, Emerald is ready to give you all of the knowledge you need to bring sustainable solutions to your client base.

In order to become accredited through the ESA, your company must be an approved licensed dealer of the Emerald Sustainability Program. This program is by invitation only, and seats are limited.

What Does the Accreditation Program Entail?
Becoming Emerald Accredited will mean you are confident in bringing sustainability knowledge to your client base. To help you get there, the program includes a number of learning and study methods, including ongoing monthly webinars, short questionnaires, training guides, training videos, access to upcoming laws and regulations, and access to Emerald staff. The Accreditation requires that you attend a minimum of (3) webinars, submit (3) separate questionnaires, and pass a final exam.

Why Become Accredited through The Emerald Accreditation Program?
Become certified to bring sustainability expertise in Tree-Free and Plastic-Free technology, full-circle sustainability solutions, waste diversion, environmental metrics, and more to your client base.


  • Certified to carry the ESA Certification on your LinkedIn, business card, personal pages, etc. You will be provided with an accreditation badge you may choose to use if desired.
  • Receive open access to all prior and upcoming sustainability training webinars.
  • Access to the online Emerald Environmental Impact Calculator (EIS) with the ability to run EIS reports for current and potential clients.
  • Input and direct line access to Emerald’s R&D team to present new product ideas from your client base.
  • Access to advanced R&D announcements on Emerald products.
  • Training on new environmental state and federal laws that will affect your client base.
  • Priority status to represent Emerald to potential clients in your respective region of the country.
  • Listed on the Emerald Accredited Members database.
  • Mentioned on Emerald’s social platforms as a newly Accredited Member.

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