Leading the Tree-Free™ Revolution

The original pioneers of the tree-free disposables market, we are now offering our science and analytics to any industry interested in reducing their environmental impact and becoming more sustainable.


What We Do

Design, manufacture, and distribute sustainable products to businesses and consumers around the globe

Cost-effectively convert facilities and brands to full-circle sustainability programs that have measurable impacts

Educate everyone we possibly can through our Accreditation program, webinars, conferences, volunteer programs, and more

Our Clients and Partners

What is tree-free?

To us, sustainable production means less waste, more efficiency, and repurposing materials to their fullest extent. After harvesting crops, many farmers leave the stalks to decompose or they are forced to burn and discard them. Burning and wasting this valuable material takes time and energy away from farmers and causes local air pollution to increase within the community. Emerald uses this ‘waste’ material to produce Tree-Free and plastic-free products, transforming this agricultural waste and barren land into something new.

Emerald Supports American Farmers

Most of our products are made in the USA with pulp from American farms that would otherwise be discarded, providing farmers with additional profit, reducing agricultural waste, and saving countless trees. This full circle solution of sustainability is what sets us apart from competitors, and can position your organization to greatly reduce its impact on the ecosystem through environmentally sustainable practices.

Emerald Brand

Your go-to sustainable disposable solution for homes, offices, and facilities using Plant to Plastic® and Tree-Free™ technologies. The only tree-free towel and tissue company made in the USA, Emerald has been designing and producing top-quality products since 1997 and is a leader in the sustainable disposable market. Contact us for business pricing.

Logistics & Distribution

Our nationwide distribution and logistics solutions are available for dropshipping, trucking, and managing inventory. Our scalable and versatile systems are the backbone of a successful enterprise and are available to be custom-tailored to your needs. Contact us today to see how we can bring your supply logistics into focus.

Packaging Design

Sustainable packaging solutions for all! Customizable and design ready tree-free and recycled packaging to help transform your sustainable packaging goals. Contact us today to learn more about how our innovations can work for you!

Emerald Ecovations

We are trailblazers in sustainable innovations and alternative material manufacturing. We research, develop and produce hundreds of unique sustainable products employing the best environmental technology while inventing our own. Let’s explore how we can achieve your sustainability and carbon goals with our team of specialists.

Join The Emerald Sustainability Accreditation (ESA) Program

Emerald Brand’s Corporate Program allows you to convert your facilities with uniform price points, single streamlined brand, cost-neutral conversion, communication support, onsite education, and environmental impact reporting.

Free Consultation with a Sustainability Expert

We are offering a free 15-minute phone consultation with one of our sustainability experts to discover how you can convert your existing facilities into a tree-free and sustainable operation.

White Label Products

Are you interested in distributing sustainable, tree-free products under your brand? We offer seamless integration of our products into your brand name product line. Contact us today to see how you can join the tree-free revolution and decrease the carbon footprint of your brand!

Our Mission

Ever wonder why we cut down trees to make paper or use petroleum to make plastic? We did, too. That’s why in 1997 we made it our mission to produce everyday products from sustainable alternative materials at affordable prices. It wasn’t easy, but we used innovative technology to make our products from Tree-Free™ and petroleum-free renewable materials like bagasse, wheat, clay, corn, and more; and we didn’t stop there. We have become experts in using healthy and sustainable materials to produce all kinds of things you use daily like tissues, cutlery, cups, packaging, and more!

View a Sample EIS Report

This in-depth analysis and reporting on your overall environmental impact, and can be instrumental in achieving a variety of environmental accreditations. 

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We partnered with Emerald Brand about a year ago in efforts to offer more sustainable options in our offices and cafes. Emerald Brand provided us with a sustainable, one-brand solution!


General Manager

Emerald Brand has made it extremely easy to present an affordable sustainable solution to our clients. We were supported every step of the way with product selection, account set-up, and delivery.


Corporate Dining Director

We are very happy that we have switched to Emerald Tree-Free™ Products! The feedback from our employees was overwhelming and they enjoy the Environmental Impact Statement that we receive quarterly.


Senior Facilities Manager

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